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Whether you are a bar owner or a member of the bar team, this section is full of bitesize information that will help to take your skills and your business to the next level.

Gearing Social Media For Business Impact

Founder of Beautiful Booze, Natalie Migliarini, shares her top tips on how to really create business impact through social media.


Master your venues Instagram with this bitesize session from the founder of Beautiful Booze, Natalie Migliarini.

Social Media Basics

Getting the basics right is essential for your business' social media profile. Influencer Natalie Migliarini founder of Beautiful Booze shares her simple social media hacks to get you started.


Tim Philips-Johansson takes us through two of his favourite drinks categories, the Apéritif & Digestif.


Top tips on how to best amplify the experience for your guest from Tim Philips-Johansson & Anna Sebastian.

Sales - spend per head

In this bitesize video BARMETRIX Founder, Sean Finter gives us the lowdown on how to introduce cross selling without crossing the line. There is a subtle art to upselling and whether you are behind the bar or working the floor, it is a skill that is definitely worth taking the time to perfect.

Profitability 101

Check out our Profitability 101 Bitesize Video. Learn how to make your bar more profitable with top tips from Sean Finter, covering everything from staff capabilities to cost management reporting.

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