My name is…
Alain Vervoort

My role is...
Belgium - Diageo Bar Academy trainer

I’m based in…
Brussels, Belgium

I’ve been bartending for…
More than 20 years

Happiness in a glass is…
A Tanqueray® No. Ten Gin & Tonic!

I love working with…
Ron Zacapa® 23 rum

Top tip…
Don’t mix if you don’t know everything about the spirits you’re using.

If you’re visiting Brussels, or just looking for inspiration, check out these bars…

De Haus

De Haus just opened in February of this year. Thanks to this kind of place, Brussels’ nightlife is finally moving and evolving. The manager, Nassim Khabazi, has it perfected! He’s always launching new trends to help make a name for himself in Brussels and De Haus. The menu is wide and creative and they’ve a large gin collection which I think is the best in town. They’ve also got superb customer service and they really take the time to advise customers on the perfect cocktail.

G&T Tanqueray No. Ten and Pomelo

25ml Tanqueray No. Ten gin
100ml elderflower tonic water
15ml triple sec
A pomelo (or a grapefruit)

Take a copa glass and fill it with big ice cubes; pour in the gin and elderflower. Cut the pomelo in half and put it on the glass with the flesh skyward. Pour the orange flavoured liqueur on the pomelo’s flesh and burn it. Wait until the fire is out and press the pomelo in the glass with your hands.

(1.2 standard drinks* per serve)

Drop by at… 183 Chaussée d’Ixelles, Brussels, Belgium
Dial… +32 (0) 2 503 21 95
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La Villa Lorraine

The atmosphere of The Villa Lorraine is magical…it’s a venue with a soul. The bar is famous for its “Cocktails Trolley”, which in a nutshell, consists of a bartender going around guests’ tables serving them classic cocktails as they dine…it’s this attention to detail that amazes people. They have a selection of more than 50 single malt whiskies, 30 rums and are known for their homemade limoncello, limecello and aranciello. La Villa Lorraine has been awarded one star by the Michelin Guide and if you’re looking for an award-winning bartender to serve you then Gino Depraetere (the first bartender from Brussels to take part in World Class) is your man!

Paris By Night

30ml Lagavulin™ 16 Year Old
20ml elderflower liquor
10ml simple syrup
1 branch of coriander
3 dashes of bitter lemon
4 blackberries

Shake together and serve on large bowl of ice in an old fashioned glass with a double filtration. Crush ice, couple with elderflower flower inside, spray a little elderflower liqueur on top and serve with a steel straw.

(1.5 standard drinks* per serve)

Drop by at… Avenue du Vivier d'Oie 75, Brussels, Belgium
Dial +32 (0) 2 374 31 63
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Clover Bar

I appreciate Clover Bar because it has a perfect mix between simplicity and quality that you won’t find anywhere else in Brussels. It really demonstrates the diversity the city offers in terms of cocktail spots. There are two Clover Bars, both situated in different districts of Brussels where you don’t expect them and are set off by the premium products and wide range of single malts they offer. If you’re looking for something unique - try out their ‘Four Leaf Clover’ cocktail. They also have an awesome gin menu - so if Tanqueray is your thing then it’s the perfect spot!

The Four Leaf Clover

40ml Ketel One® Citroen Vodka
20ml lemon juice
20ml Monin Gum syrup
60ml sparkling water
3 raspberries
2 blackberries
8 to 10 mint leaves

In a cocktail shaker, gently muddle the raspberries, blackberries and mint leaves, then add the vodka, the lemon juice and simple syrup. Add ice, shake vigorously and strain in a highball glass filled with ice. Top with sparkling water. Add a final mint leaf as a garnish.

(1.2 standard drinks* per serve)

Drop by at 4 rue Middelbourg, Brussels, Belgium
Dial… +32 (0) 483 05 49 33
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(*One standard drink contains 8g of alcohol)