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Luis Filipe Vasconcelos Domingos

My name is…
Luís Filipe Vasconcelos Domingos

My role is...
Portugal Diageo Bar Academy trainer

I’m based in…
Lisbon, Portugal

I’ve been bartending for…
17 years

Happiness in a glass is…
A Daiquiri with aged rum

I love working with…
Ron Zacapa rum

Top tip…
Always be consistent with your cocktails, your clients will appreciate it.

Here are three of my favourite drinking spots in Portugal I would highly recommend:


Hemingway is a fine dining restaurant with a terrace cocktail bar serving a mix of classic and innovative original drinks. The head bartender, PedroVaz Moura, is the Portuguese ambassador for Tanqueray gin and a reputable sommelier in the country. Using seasonal fresh fruit and top quality ingredients, this bar is highly rated by regulars for its well made drinks. I rate it for its ambience, exquisite attention to detail and excellent food. Do book before visiting, but when there, you should try the Framby Cocktail.

Framby Cocktail

60ml Tanqueray No TEN gin

15ml fresh lime juice

15ml fresh lemon juice

10ml sugar syrup

10ml freshly pressed raspberries juice

4 raspberries on a bamboo stick

(2.2 standard drinks* per serve, 22gm)

Gently muddle 4-5 raspberries in a cocktail glass and add them with a small scoop of crushed ice and sugar syrup to a blender (minimum velocity for 2 minutes). Combine this mixture with Tanqueray No TEN and the citrus juices in a shaker with ice. Shake vigorously and double strain into a chilled cocktail glass. Garnish with a bamboo stick of 4 fresh raspberries, sitting on the edge of the glass.

Drop by at… Marina de Cascais loja 58 -1st – 2750-800, Cascais, Portugal

Dial… +351 916 224 452

Read more at… https://www.hemingwaycascais.com/

Like and follow at… https://www.facebook.com/HemingwayBar and https://twitter.com/hemingwaybar

Cinco Lounge

Featuring an impressive cocktail list, Cinco Lounge is often referred to as the best cocktail bar in Lisbon. The team constantly develops new cocktail recipes and memorable serves, so expect surprises on each visit. Famed for its Gin Garden cocktail, this bar is ideal for those wanting an exceptional drink, a welcoming atmosphere and friendly staff. You can even purchase little souvenirs from your visit: they make homemade syrups and have bottled cocktails available!

Gin Garden

60mlTanqueray gin

40mllemon juice

20mlsugar syrup

8mint leaves

25mlegg white

Sparkling water

(2 standard drinks* per serve, 20gm)

Lightly crush the mint leaves with hands to release the aroma. Add to a shaker with gin, lemon juice, sugar syrup and the egg white. Shake hard to combine. Add ice and shake again. Pour over cubed ice in a tall glass, top with sparkling water and garnish with a sprig of mint.

Drop by at… Rua Ruben A. Leitão, nº17-A, Príncipe Real – 1200-329 Mercês - Lisboa, Portugal

Dial…+351 213 424 033

Read more at… https://cincolounge.com/

Like at… https://www.facebook.com/CINCO.lounge


Opened in 1978, Foxtrot mixes the style and ambience of an early 20th century bar with a traditional English pub. Their four warmly lit rooms all furnished with Art Deco details are set up with a fireplace. The bar offers an extensive list of drinks whilst the kitchen serves the popular Foxtrot steak, hamburgers and steak sandwiches until 3am. Go for a traditional pub experience with well made cocktails, an impressie array of foreign beers, hearty food and perhaps a round of pool. They even have live jazz nights on ocassion. When visiting, definitely try the Amazing Pepper!

Amazing Pepper

35ml Tanqueray No TEN gin

25ml Tequila

2 black cardamom

6 coriander seeds

1 sprig of rosemary

3 Basil leaves

2 Peppermint

1 Padron pepper

15ml sugar syrup

5ml chili syrup

Egg white

Dash of Angostura Bitters

Top with Ginger ale

(2.1 standard drinks* per serve, 21gm)

The gin and tequila are both flavored with coriander seeds and black cardamom by crushing the seeds and cardamom. Scent a tall glass by smoking the rosemary. Filter the gin and tequila into the shaker through a strainer, adding all the other ingredients, and shake. Pour into the scented glass with ice and top with ginger ale. Garnish as you wish.

Drop by at… Travessa Santa Teresa, 28 - 1200- 405 Lisboa, Portugal.

Dial…+351 213 952 697

Like and follow at… https://www.facebook.com/BarFoxtrotLisboa and https://twitter.com/BarFoxtrotLX

*One standard drink contains 10gm of alcohol