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My name is…

George Camilo O. Vallejos Cruz

I’m based in…

Lima, Peru

I’ve worked in the industry for…

10 years

My advice for anyone starting off in the industry…

There´s always something to learn. Never be afraid to ask for more information – you will have more confidence when you face a customer.

The qualities I think makes a good bartender are…

Curiosity, creativity and passion.

I love working in a bar because…

I really love to interact with new people. Every customer’s experience in the bar needs to be an incredible one.

I think to create a great customer experience you need to…

Always be authentic and be ready to exceed the customer’s expectations and of course, make a great cocktail.

The trends I am seeing in my city are…

The use of new tools - for example some bartenders are using rocks to muddle instead of a muddler (not a simple rock, but a rock that is going to add some flavor) and they are presenting their cocktails in unusual glasses. Bartenders are also creating drinks based on classic vintage cocktails like a negroni and a Manhattan and then putting their signature spin on it. Another trend I am seeing is the use of craft ingredients and bartenders are using their own vermouths, syrups, shrubs.

If you’re in Lima, or just looking for inspiration, check out this bar…

Bottega Dasso. The food and drinks are excellent and there is a really nice atmosphere. The current WORLD CLASS™ Peru Grand Final winner, Joel Chirinos Durand works here.

Find out more at… www.bottegadasso.com or at their Facebook page.

Bar staff challenge:

You are given CAPTAIN MORGAN® SPICED RUM, what cocktail or experience would you offer to please your customer and why?

Below is my recipe for ‘The Captain’ cocktail. All the ingredients mix perfectly together and reinforce all the flavours of CAPTAIN MORGAN®. It is perfect to drink at the beach on a sunny day and perfect for customers who like Caribbean fruity drinks.

The Captain


30 ml Cinnamon, clove and orange Syrup

30 ml Pineapple juice

15 ml Lime Juice

Complete with ginger ale
Garnish with a pineapple crown

Pour all ingredients into a shaker (except the ginger ale) and shake strongly.
Pour over ice in a long drink glass and complete with ginger ale.
Garnish with pineapple crown.

(1.8 standard drinks*- 1.4 units per serve)

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(*One standard drink contains 8g of alcohol)