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Meet Our Trainer – Jamie Fleming

My name is…

Jamie Fleming

I’m based in…


I’ve been bartending for…

Over 9 years

Happiness in a glass is…


I love working with…


Top tip…

“Find someone better than you and listen to what they have to say. Having a mentor is the best way to improve!”


The Lobo Plantation

If rum is your thing you have to visit this spot. The Lobo Planation is passionate about their handpicked collection of over 250 rums and if you ask, everyone behind the bar can talk to you about nearly all of them. You are able to go on a journey through the history of rum, experiencing the differences between varying styles and regions. The venue is reminiscent of the glamorous 1950’s Cuba that signifies the birth of the Tiki culture that is so close to the hearts of bartenders. The Cocktail list reflects this style, with a mix of fun and elegance that won them “Cocktail List of the Year” at this years Australian Bar Awards. How many more excuses do you need to visit this amazing place?


60ml RON ZACAPA™ 23

2 Dashes of orange bitters

2 Dashes of bitters

30ml Fresh apple juice

1 Bar spoon of brown sugar

Method: Stir and strain ingredients over a large rock of ice into an Old Fashioned glass. Pour fresh apple juice into the glass and garnish with a large orange twist.

(2.4 standard drinks* - 1.9 units per serve)

Drop by at…208 Clarence st, Sydney, 2000

Papa Gede’s

Papa Gede’s is an exciting new spot on Sydney’s bar scene which is already making a name for itself. Its quirky and interesting style incorporates Louisiana folk lore and their strong cocktail history. Papa Gede’s is a Tiki bar that doesnt chain itself to rum drinks. It has a strong focus on classics but comes up with plenty of their own worth a look. The staff’s focus on service is second to none and they will do anything they can to make sure you have a night to remember. The mood is bright and vibrant and makes it a great place to go at all times. Given the roots of the bar, you have to order a Sazerac. It was one of the first drinks that blew me away as a young bartender and I still love it to this day. For something a little special in Sydney you have to visit this gem!


50ml BULLEIT™ Rye

4 Dashes Peychauds Bitters

7.5ml Sugar syrup (to taste)

5ml Anise-flavoured spirit

Half a lemon peel

Method: Combine all ingredients in a mixing glass and stir with ice until chilled. Strain over fresh ice in an Anise-flavoured spirit rinsed rocks glass and garnish with lemon peel.

(2.0 standard drinks* - 1.6 units per serve)

Drop by at…Rear 348 Kent Street, Sydney, 2000

Dial…+61 92995671

Find out more at…www.papagedes.com/

Like at…www.facebook.com/PapaGedesBar

Follow at…https://twitter.com/papagedesbar

The Wild Rover

If you are looking for a GUINESS™, some whisky and a good craic, this is the venue for you. The Wild Rover has captured an authentic Irish bar feel, without the clichés. Just good whiskey, good beer and an environment that makes you feel like you have stumbled into a party that no one else knows about. The bar has an extensive collection of whiskies, with 150 - 200 bottles at any one time to offer, so you always have the chance to try something new.The whisky collection is so good, they host 'The Whisk(e)y Co-operative’ each month, giving trade and consumers alike an opportunity to gather and share their passion for whiskies from around the world They have had quite a few names come through to discuss all things whisky, including none other than Mr Sean Baxter (National Johnnie Walker Ambassador). Members get a little passport to track their tastings as well access to the Rover Reserve List once you have been a member for a while. Its more about community and bringing fellow whisky lovers together for a good craic. If you get a little hungry while enjoying your drink, make sure you get one of the best sausage rolls you will ever have, along with some amazing south coast oysters. If you’re looking for a local when you away from home, this is it!

Hopped Negroni

30ml Hopped TANQUERAY™

30ml Italian aperitif

30ml French aperitif

A Grapefruit twist

Hopped Tanquery: Steep 20gm of Hops in a 700ml bottle of Tanqueray gin for 24 hours (leave a little longer if necessary, depending on which hops you use). Strain hops from gin and it is ready to use

Method: Add the Hopped Tanqueray, Italian aperitif and French aperitif and stir well. Strain over rocks and garnish with a grapefruit twist.

(3.9 standard drinks* - 2.8 units per serve)

Drop by at…75 Campbell St, Surry Hills, Sydney

Dial…+61 92802235

Find out more at…thewildrover.com.au

Like at…www.facebook.com/TheWildRover.Sydney?fref=ts

Follow at… https://twitter.com/TheWildRover_

The RON ZACAPA, GUINESS, BULLEIT and TANQUERAY words and associated logos are trade marks (C) Diageo 2015.

(*One standard drink contains 8 grams of alcohol)