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Paul Silvers


Paul Silvers, France

Le Florian, Lyon

“Back when I was a penniless art student, my room-mate kicked me out of the apartment for some alone-time with her friend. I ended up taking a walk and stopped in a pub. Long story short, I had a job three days later.” So began Paul’s bartending career, which has encompassed many different establishments since – from nightclubs to kitchens and bars. But it was while visiting door-74 in Amsterdam that “I had that moment when you realise what you want to do with the rest of your life”, says Paul. Leading up to the France World Class final, Paul had a very busy schedule, so “I integrated the preparation as much as possible into work”. He looks forward to “sharing what it means to be a bartender” in Cape Town, and we look forward to seeing how he expresses his cocktail-making experience.