Sabrina Traubner has crafted a truly South African whisky cocktail, she calls " The Walker Smash". It is made with Johnnie Walker and the infusion of Mrs Balls Chutney, something of a national treasure for her people.

Chutney, it’s a condiment blend of minced dried fruit and onion which delivers the perfect blend of savoury and sweet flavours to your food. In the case of this cocktail, it adds those contrasting flavours, giving the drink a sense of depth, while also complementing the smoky caramel flavours of Johnnie Walker Black.

Sabrina, who works for the European Bartender school in Cape Town and is also a graduate of the Diageo Bar Academy having competed in the World Class Cocktail Competition, has been searching for the perfect cocktail mix that uses a locally loved ingredient to make her customers feel ‘nostalgic’.

We think this serving is definitely something ‘out of Africa’ that your customer would love to try.



Bright Pimundu from the famous Alchemist Kitchen & Bar has created The Forbidden Fruit!

Cocktail with gin and an infusion of Guanabana cordial.

In his own words: “Guanabana is a fruit that’s locally available but largely ignored by bartenders in cocktail creation. Using this fruit shows our innovative approach to mixology and giving our consumers a unique flavour experience with every cocktail we serve.”

So, if you’re looking for those equatorial tropical Africa vibes to serve to your customers, download the Forbidden Fruit cocktail recipe!



Avocado is a popular and plucky green fruit and Kenya’s biggest agri-export; its skin has been used by the local women for centuries to smoothen skin and encourage hair growth.

As for its role in this vodka mix, we’ll let creator, Francis Ndung’u explain:

“The Avocado cordial adds an earthy, grassy and nutty fresh flavour to the cocktail.”

It’s a salute to the soil of this land that gives life and offers sustenance to so many. Ndung’u hopes that in his small way, he can use the Avobabo to draw attention to the plight of the independent Avocado.


Gbenle Olawale Shalom from South Eatery & Social house on Victoria Island, inspired by his Mexican origin manager, has created a recipe that uses a local pepper to bring a bit of heat and spice to the smokiness of Johnnie Walker Red Label.

Using the seeds from the alligator pepper, which grows indigenously in Nigeria, Shalom muddles them in with lime and ginger juices, together with some syrup and bitters, and finally some Johnnie Red to top it all off.

The end result is a highly original whisky cocktail with African spice and floral notes. Why not treat your customers to this bold little number?



The Head Trainer for Africa, Ryan Duvenage has put together a lip-smacking highball whisky cocktail using the indigenous plant Rooibos (or Red Bush) as his inspiration.

Rooibos (or Aspalathus linearis as it is scientifically known) grows in South Africa’s fynbos biodome, a totally unique flower kingdom found nowhere else in the world. Rooibos leaves are used to make a herbal tea that is renowned for its antioxidant properties, is caffeine-free and has a sweet honey-like taste. All in all, drinking Rooibos is a soothing, pleasurable experience and not too dissimilar to sipping away at this highball on a hot African summer day.

It is this honey flavour that Ryan is after, and the key is to use the Rooibos subtly and sparingly. Afterall, the whisky is the hero in the mix and the Rooibos is there to compliment the flavour and bring subtle taste-notes in.

Watch this video as Ryan takes us through the simple yet highly effective steps to creating the Rooibos Cocktail. Take it away, Ryan.