Gin serves in wine glass garnished with lime.

All Things Gin With David Brosnan

We spoke to QLD and NT Reserve Brand Ambassador and Gin fan David Brosnan to learn from his experience with the Juniper spirit.

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My name is David Brosnan, I am the QLD and NT Reserve Brand Ambassador and Gin fan.

David Brosnan

What got you into gin?

It was my friend Rachel actually, we went to a bar in Brisbane called Statler and Waldorf and there was an industry event on. There were only two drinks on special. Southsides, and Martini’s and when I told her I didn't like Gin, she laughed, handed me a Southside and walked away. I had a sip and instantly it all clicked!

Gin seems to be one of (if not the most) popular spirits for making cocktails now. What do you think it is that draws bartenders into using Gin?

There's an ebb and flow in the fashion of what spirits, when I was coming up in bars in was Vodka.

I think people got bored of Vodka, and a sidestep into Gin was a natural evolution. Its working with a Neutral base as the foundation but with the added complexity from the botanicals. You can take a lot of classic vodka cocktails and by substituting in Gin you have another layer of flavours and a whole new drink.

Also, we sometimes forget that historically gin is one of the most utilised spirits in the classic cocktail canon. If you’re looking through old pre-prohibition cocktail recipes, gin comes up a lot so it makes sense that it’s back in fashion.

What are your thoughts/advice on Gin & Tonic Garnishing?

Explore, compliment and contrast.

Smell your gin, learn what the botanicals are and think to yourself “What's going to compliment this aroma?” or “What's going to make this character more pronounced on the palate”. 

Tanqueray No.TEN for me goes perfectly with a slice of Pink Grapefruit emphasising the citrus and floral character of the gin.

Whereas the Tanqueray Blackcurrant Royale is all about vanilla and blackcurrant, for that I might spray some absinthe or pastis on top as that flavour makes the berry flavour explode!

If you’re struggling a trick that I recommend is to have a look at classic cooking recipes that use the main flavour of the gin and see what herbs and spices are used in the same dish!

What's your favourite way to try a new gin?

Honestly, a Martini is the best way in my opinion, you’re opening the medley of botanicals, by diluting them and chilling them it allows you to see what the flavour profile is like cold. That’s important because it's rare people want hot or room-temperature gin!

Dry Martini

The Classic Dry Martini, made with the bartender's favourite vermouth and Tanqueray.

What's your go-to serve for a sunny afternoon?

Southside! I’m still hooked.


Take a spin to the South Side with this summertime sensation from the Windy City! Tanqueray London Dry Gin over muddled Mint and Lime and topped with Ice - it's the perfect libation for a scorching day!

What’s your go-to Serve for a cold, wintery day?

You literally cannot go past a Hot Toddy. The OG warm cocktail.

Gin Toddy

Tanqueray is mixed hot with honey and lemon in this delicious warming classic.

What's your favourite Gin/ food pairing?

Gin and Salmon, you can also use gin in the curing process as well intensifying that flavour!

Quickfire questions:

London Dry vs or New Age?

New Age

G&T: Highball, Rocks or Copa Glass

Highball all the way!

What’s your favourite Gin at the moment?

Probably will always be Tanqueray No. TEN, I'm a sucker for grapefruit and chamomile.

Where's the best place to see what you’re up to/ get in touch?

Find me on Instagram @davesonlydrinks