Barista Skills For Bar Staff



Authors: Diego Cromzigt, Bartender and Owner of Drinks Advocacy & Concepts, and Nicole Battefeld, German Barista Champion.

Estimated watch time: 1 hour 6 minutes

Watch our Members Lab Masterclass on Barista Skills for Bar Staff with our special guest industry experts, Diego Cromzigt and Nicole Battefeld.

Come away from this session with new tricks up your sleeve, as Diego and Nicole explore the similarities between barista and bartending skills. Plus, you can look forward to a coffee cocktail demo! Scroll down to grab the ingredients before the session and shake along!

Diageo Bar Academy Masterclass: Barista Skills For Bar Staff

Masterclass Chapters

  • 03:56 - 22:52 - What Coffee Is & How Do You Taste It?
  • 22:53 - 39:52 - Barista Skills You Can Use as a Bartender & How to Make a Good Coffee
  • 39:53 - 1:04:54 - How to Make a Good Coffee Cocktail


Cocktail ingredient list:

  • Smirnoff vodka - 30ml
  • Filter coffee (more fruity) - 50ml
  • Ginger syrup - 10ml
  • Crème de banane (liqueur or syrup) - 5ml
  • Lime juice - 10ml
  • Sparkling water to top
  • Mint sprig and orange wedge to garnish

Key Takeaways

  • A good cup of coffee or a coffee cocktail starts with good quality beans
  • There are three main coffee growing regions to be aware of when making your choice: Africa, America and Asia.  
  • The more you practice tasting and nosing, whether that’s at the bar or in the supermarket, the better you’ll get. 
  • Choose the right flavour profile for your coffee cocktail using a flavour wheel
  • Make sure you always choose the right glassware

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