2023 Treat Trends Give Your Guests a Sweet Experience



Don’t miss Laura Newman and Julian Short's expert advice in this Masterclass session on enhancing your guest experiences with indulgent cocktails, all whilst increasing your profit. 

Authors: Laura Newman, Beverage Director and Ex Pastry Chef; Julian Short, multi-award-winning Co-Owner of Top 100 World’s Best Bars’, Sin + Tax 

Estimated watch time: 1 hour 27 minutes

Check out our latest Masterclass session with Laura Newman, Beverage Director and Ex Pastry Chef, and Julian Short, multi-award-winning Co-Owner of Top 100 World’s Best Bars’, Sin + Tax for tips on how to fit the top treat trends of 2023 into your menu!

Key Takeaways

  • The key treat trends to consider incorporating into your menu are: nostalgia, maximalist cocktails, world flavour boom, micro treats and sustainability, and health. 
  • Offering indulgent and dessert cocktails on our menu helps improve guest experience 
  • Balance is key when creating an indulgent, sweet-style or dessert cocktail 
  • Offer visual cues for your treat offerings, whether that’s on your menu, a tentcard, a chalk-board or framed on the walls. 
  • When it comes to upselling, know as much about your serves as possible 


Masterclass Chapters:

  • 04:12 - 24:09 - What Defines a Treat & What are the Top Treat Trends?
  • 24:10 - 39:39 - Why Should You Include Indulgent Serves or Treat Experiences in your Programme?
  • 39:40 - 1:04:28 - How Can You Create Indlugent Serves and Treat Moments?
  • 1:04:29 - 1:26:50 - What Are the Best Ways to Promote These Serves on Your Menu?

An Expert Guide To Upselling Indulgent Serves

Upselling is an essential skill when it comes to pushing those delicious, indulgent treat offerings. Uncover top tips, how to tailor your approach, as well as menu marketing tricks and 2 delicious cocktail recipes!

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