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How to Create a Profitable Bar Menu

A great menu is more than just a list of drinks you sell. Watch this bitesize video for tips on creating a profitable bar menu. 

Author: Julian de Féral, Industry Expert & Consultant

Estimated watch time: 9 minutes

When designing a drink menu, it’s not just about creating a list of drinks you sell in your venue. Instead, think of your bar menu as an extension of your customer experience, brand image, and identity.  

A menu influences a customer’s choices, inspires their future orders, and evokes feelings about your venue. When shared online, it allows you to set the tone of voice, even before a guest sets foot in your bar. 

Watch Now: How to Create a Profitable Bar Menu


  • 00:00 - 00:38 - Introduction
  • 00:39 - 01:19 - Menu Overview
  • 01:20 - 03:25 - Creatively Designed Menus
  • 03:26 - 04:22 - Menu Format Changes
  • 04:23 - 05:12 - Primacy and Receny Effect
  • 05:13 - 06:15 - Authority Bias
  • 06:16  -06:56 - The Food & Drink Opportunity
  • 06:57 - 07:44 - Simplify The Ordering Experience
  • 07:45 - 09:10 - Create Contrast

Useful tools

For more insightful tips on bar menus, download our guide on “Creating the Perfect Menu.” It covers design, messaging, and advice on list ordering, as well as other tips.  

Key Takeaways

  • Most people tend to pick their orders from the start or end of the menu — take advantage of these spots to list your favourite serves, seasonal cocktails, or special offers. 
  • Some customers prefer recommendations — you can add a bartender’s recommendation section to your venue to save your guests from choice overload. 
  • 52% of alcohol is consumed with a meal — take this opportunity to add drinks and food pairings to optimise guest spend and profitability. 
  • A bar menu influences the choices and experience of guests in your venue — categorise your menu items to simplify their choices, while highlighting the popular serves in each category. 
  • A third of guests are usually undecided about what they’ll order in a venue — use your menu format and sections to influence their choices and ensure a positive experience.