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Building Guest Confidence in the Hospitality Industry

Watch as Anna Sebastian and Ollie Margan share tips on how to improve guest confidence and customer service in the hospitality industry. 

Authors:  Anna Sebastian, Hospitality Consultant; Ollie Margan, Award-winning bartender and bar owner 

Estimated watch time: 51 minutes 

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Bartending goes beyond making the perfect serves – it's also crucial to make customers feel safe. Watch experts Anna Sebastian and Ollie Margan as they take you through the steps of keeping your guests safe as a bartender.

Prioritise Guest Safety & Hygiene

The COVID pandemic spotlighted the need for effective hygiene and safety in the hospitality industry. With every serve and every drink, it’s crucial to make guests feel safe and protected in your establishment. 

In this Diageo Bar Academy masterclass webinar, hospitality industry experts Anna Sebastian and Ollie Margan share tips on making your guests feel at ease, improving communication and building stellar culture. 

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the challenges in the hospitality industry 
  • Learn how to maintain safety, culture, and values in your venue 
  • Get to know how to ensure quality and consistent customer service 

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How build guest confidence

Masterclass Chapters

  • 04:45 - 33:12 - A Balancing Act: Safety and Culture
  • 33:31 - 44:46 - Delivering Great Customer Service
  • 44:55 - 49:53 - Setting up for Success