Kings of Winter

Bringing some warmth to the coldest and highest Distillery in Scotland. The resilience of Dalwhinnie, producing whisky in one of Scotland’s most challenging locations, echos the stoic strength of House Stark. Dalwhinnie’s classic heather honey sweetness is perfectly complimented by the luxurious spice and warmth of dark hot chocolate.

Kings of Winter


  • 50ml


  • 220ml

    dark hot chocolate

  • 0.25tsp

    grate fresh nutmeg

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  • Method

    Glass 1 - Frozen Dalwhinnie – House Stark
    Glass 2 - Dark Hot Chocolate with a nutmeg dusting

    Serve 50ml of Dalwhinnie straight from the freezer in your favourite glass which should also be frozen. On the side serve dark hot chocolate and grate fresh nutmeg over the top.

    (Alcohol content: 17g per serve)