Madam Eliza

About the serve and why I like it: Next up, this absolute beauty! Named after Eliza Cholmondeley, arguably the mother of Marmalade who features one of the earliest recipes ever recorded, in her book published in 1677.

Difficulty level: Medium-difficult and involves a sub-recipe for one ingredient

Tasting notes: This complex little number has it all: bitterness, texture, aromatics, sourness the lot.

Top tip: Now it's important you get a good quality Seville orange marmalade, one with lots of orange skin and pith to add the bitterness.

Three words to sell this cocktail to your guest: Mellow, Earthy, Aromatic

Madam Eliza


  • 50ml

    Seedlip Spice 94

  • 2drops

    Black Pepper Tincture*

  • 20ml

    Lemon Juice

  • 2heaped bar Spoons

    Seville Orange Marmalade

  • 2large sprigs 


  • 1

    Garnish - Dill Sprig

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  • Method
    1. Add the Seedlip, Marmalade, lemon juice, black pepper tincture and dill to a cocktail shaker.
    2. Add ice and shackle vigorously until well chilled.
    3. Fine strain into a chilled coupe and garnish with a sprig of Dill. 

    *To make the black pepper tincture, simply crush 5 black peppercorns and add them to 50ml of vodka. Leave them to steep for a few days at room temperature and fine strain into a pipette.