World Class GB

World Class Women+

World Class Women+ began in October 2023 as a series of listening sessions to identify and address some of the barriers faced by women+ within the hospitality industry.


World Class Women+ aims to celebrate and amplify the many voices and experiences that make the UK hospitality industry dynamic and creative. We hope that in addressing some of the barriers to entry, we can encourage more women+ to participate in World Class so that it continues to reflect, support, and advance the careers of the diverse population of bartenders and hospitality professionals that make up the UK bar community.


We also acknowledge that this conversation needs to be part of a wider industry culture change to ensure that these issues are addressed and that there is greater coordination and collaboration across multiple channels to address the wider diversity and inclusion agendas. The facts are clear: greater diversity and inclusion are good for our communities, society, and businesses.


World Class Women+ will continue its outreach initiatives and coordinate with other organisations and initiatives to help identify, tackle, and act on many of the suggestions raised while also exploring other ways to improve access and greater visibility for those currently under-represented.

What’s in store: 

  • Virtual and in-person events
  • Networking opportunities
  • Training sessions for companies investing in young talent.
  • Discussions and workshops on inclusivity to shift cultural norms.
  • A platform to share success stories of women+ in the industry.
  • Resources that acknowledge both achievements and challenges faced by Women+.
  • Activities that promote inclusivity and gender equality throughout the year.
  • Sharing of campaign stories.
World Class Women+ does not provide support services. The following are all organisations that can offer active support.