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Classic Cocktails

Classic cocktails are loved for their simplicity and flavours. Explore our top tips, recipe guidance and other resources on classic cocktails and improve your knowledge of these exceptional serves. 


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  • Master the Mojito

    6 Tips To Master The Perfect Mojito

    Learn expert tips on crafting the ultimate version of the beloved Mojito cocktail.

  • Classic Cocktail Recipes That Inspire New Creations

    3 Classic Cocktail Recipes That Inspire Modern Cocktails

    Learn how to tap into the serves and mixology knowledge of the past to craft exceptional new drinks, with advice from Simon Aukett and Phill Ward.

  • 5 T’s for a Perfect Martini

    5 T’s for a Perfect Martini

    Renowned cocktail expert, Ben Reed, from Cocktail Credentials gives us his top tips on how to create the perfect Martini.

  • 6 Ways To Take Your Highball Cocktails To The Next Level

    6 Ways To Take Your Highball Cocktails To The Next Level

    Josh Reynolds, Bar Director at The Point, shares his take on the classic Highball cocktail and a few essential tips to get the perfect serve each time.

  • A Highball For Every Season

    A Highball Cocktail For Every Season

    Diageo Brand Ambassadors and bar professionals from around the world share their recipes and tips on creating delicious highballs all year round.

  • A Twist On National Cocktails

    A Twist On Classic National Cocktails

    Some cities have a go-to – often eponymous – cocktail. We asked three of the world's top bartenders how they put a unique twist on Caiprinhas, Singapore Slings and Manhattans.

  • Creating The Ultimate Dirty Martini

    Bar Skills: How To Make A Perfect Dirty Martini

    A Dirty Martini also has all the options of the original – shaken or stirred, olive or twist, vodka or gin, and the best glass to use? The opportunities are endless!

  • Classic Cocktail Fundamentals and How to Twist

    Classic Cocktails Guide And Tips How To Twist

    Learn the fundamentals of how to make classic cocktails and how to twist them.

  • Happy Hour: The History of the Cocktail

    Happy Hour History On The Cocktail Origin

    Author and drinks historian David Mayne takes us on a journey behind the history of the cocktail which we know and love today.

  • How to Serve Up the Perfect Margarita

    How to Serve Up the Perfect Margarita

    Choose the highest quality ingredients, master the art of the salt rim and discover blended, straight up or on the rocks recipes to wow your guest.

  • Inspiring Stories About Famous Classic Cocktails

    Inspiring Stories About Famous Cocktails

    Every classic cocktail has a story. Learn about the history of the most famous drinks to charm your guests and offer them a better customer experience.

  • Stretching Out Classic Cocktails & Flavours

    Stretching Out Classic Cocktails Flavour

    Cocktails are flexible and you can play with them to create unique tastes. Read on and learn how to give a fresh twist to classic cocktails.

  • The Margarita: A True Classic

    The Margarita: A True Classic

    The classic Margarita has consistently been one of the most popular cocktails in the world. Read on to discover the story behind it and how to make it properly.

  • The Mojito: A True Icon

    The Mojito: A True Icon

    The Mojito is a drink that has navigated the peaks and troughs of fads and trends for decades and has rightly earned its legendary status.

  • The Perfect Espresso Martini

    The Perfect Espresso Martini

    With a history that’s almost as rich as the drink itself, the Espresso Martini is a staple on any cocktail menu. Here's how to make the perfect Espresso Martini.

  • The Perfect Gin & Tonic

    The Perfect Gin & Tonic

    Tristan Stephenson provides his top tips for creating the perfect version of a bartender’s favourite drink, the gin & tonic.

  • Top Retro Cocktails That Are Still Popular Today

    Top Retro Cocktails That Are Still Popular Today

    Retro and classic cocktails have been making a comeback. Read on as bartender Kaitlyn Stewart shares four that win guests’ hearts.

  • The Notorious Singapore Sling

     The Notorious Singapore Sling

    Explore the history behind the classic cocktail, the Singapore Sling, and discover recipes which put unique twists on the classic.