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The Ultimate Guide To Creating A Sustainable Bar

Sustainability is a hot topic in the hospitality industry with more consumers demanding that sustainable methods are being met by the venues they visit. Browse our resources and learn how to create a sustainable venue. 


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  • How a Traditional Distillery Became a Sustainability Role Model

    Discover Sustainable Distilling

    Join distillery manager and passionate sustainability champion, Sean Phillips, as he shares how he has reduced the carbon footprint of the distilleries he manages.

  • Embrace Locally Sourced Ingredients for Exquisite Cocktails

    Embrace Locally Sourced Ingredients

    Impress your guests by serving one-of-a-kind cocktails featuring locally sourced ingredients with these inspired tips and recipes from around the world.

  • Nature Inspired Cocktails

    Nature Inspired Cocktails

    Mike Di Tota, aka the botanical bartender shares insight and inspiration on how to use flower and herbs to freshen up your cocktails.

  • Making Stand Out Cocktails With Local Ingredients

    Stand Out Serves with Local Ingredients

    Learn how to source and use local produce for your menu items and the benefits of doing so.

  • Sustainability in the Bar Industry

    Sustainability in the Bar Industry

    Learn the best ways to ensure your venue is sustainable in both food and energy usage.