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Announcing the Top 100 Bartenders

Read on to learn more about the top 100 Bartenders for USBG Presents World Class Sponsored By DIAGEO.


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Over the last few months, a record number of bartenders from across the nation applied for a chance to earn this prestigious title. In this preliminary challenge, Classics Reimagined, competitors were tasked with developing one unique, signature twist on a classic cocktail. To develop their signature reimagined classic cocktail, competitors were asked to use the educational resources from Diageo Bar Academy including the World Class Studios for inspiration.

Bartenders were also asked to use no more than 6 ingredients one of which could be a signature homemade ingredient of their choice. Additionally, they had to submit a written response describing the flavor profile of their serve, the classic cocktail that inspired the recipe, and which Diageo Bar Academy resource was used that helped refine their technique or inspire their drink. They also had to demonstrate their knowledge of their selected DIAGEO Reserve Brand Spirit(s)/Seedlip expression by incorporating relevant brand information.

A huge part of cocktail culture is understanding the classics and how to play with flavors. In fact, as a bartender, creativity is paramount. Understanding how to use your creativity either in adapting recipes that have come before you or coming up with something totally new and innovative is one of your biggest assets. Cocktail creativity and setting the stage for guests to have not only a fabulous dining experience but a memorable cocktail experience has become a prominent goal when consumers plan a night out on the town. 

All these competitors did just that.

Congratulations to the 2024 World Class US Top 100 Bartenders!

US World Class 2024 Top 100 list

The judges can’t wait to taste the incredible cocktails and read the inspirational stories these competitors create for the next challenge! Good luck to you all!