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Understanding Profitability in Bar Management

Learn how to manage your bar in a more profitable way in this video hosted by Sean Finter. 

Author: Sean Finter, bar management expert  

Estimated Watch Time: 13 Minutes 

Profitability 101

Everything you do and serve in a bar, pub, or restaurant must be profitable to succeed. Even a bar serving high-quality cocktails and award-winning drinks will eventually fail if they’re not earning money. 

Every bar manager needs to know the fundamentals of profitable bar management. Learn these skills and get guidance from management expert Sean Finter to help your venue thrive.  

Uncover everything from economic product creation, staff capabilities, maximizing your peak hours, and the importance of being accurate with your measures. If you’re a bar manager or have aspirations to manage a venue at some point in your career, use these tips to improve profitability and significantly benefit your venue. 

Watch Now

Learn how to make your bar more profitable with expert tips from Sean Finter, a successful bar owner and management specialist. Uncover the core principles of operating a profitable bar, covering everything from stock, staff management, and cost reporting. Watch now to better recognise what a successful bar business looks like and how to implement it in your own venue.

Key Takeaways

  • Making changes to be more profitable can help your bar be more successful.  
  • Focusing on peak hours, staff capabilities, and stock management can boost profitability.  
  • Using a profitability calculator to work out how much your drinks are making can help you better optimize your drinks.

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