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Content To Revenue: Using Social Media to Impact Your Bottom Line

In episode three of Natalie Migliarini’s Bitesize Sessions, the esteemed Author and Founder of digital resource Beautiful Booze shares her top tips on how to use social media to create a positive business impact. From boosting the profile of your venue to engaging with your audience, the video outlines the tools you need to know to drive sales and compete for market share. 

Social Media Strategy

Highlighting the importance of creating a social media strategy, Natalie provides practical advice and real-life examples of why every bar should utilize social media to host its menus and maximize revenue from features such as IG Shops. 

As well as practical solutions, Natalie provides expert advice on how to use social media to engage communities to build advocacy by: 

  • Running competitions 
  • Responding to engaged consumers 
  • Building a micro-influencer community 
  • Running loyalty programs

Diageo Bar Academy - Bitesize Sessions - Gearing Social Media for Business Impact

Founder of Beautiful Booze, Natalie Migliarini, shares her top tips on how to really create business impact through social media.

Social media is one of the biggest game changers in the hospitality landscape and you should now have the tools needed to create a functional social media strategy that has a positive impact on your venue’s bottom line. Bookmark this page to rewatch the video as you build the profile of your business on social media.  

Key Takeaways

  • Create a functional social media strategy for a positive effect on your bottom line 
  • Tailor your strategy to your business, this will differ from other establishments 
  • Actively socialize your business to turn content into increased revenue 
  • Remember that on social media it’s people first, business second 
  • Encouraging user-generated content is key to engaging with communities  
  • Host your menu on your social channels 
  • Leverage all available features, such as IG Shops, to help drive sales 
  • Ensure you manage your community effectively  
  • Handle any negative feedback sensitively 


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