Blueprint of Bar

Remarkable by Design

The Business of Bars Resource Library begins with the "Remarkable by Design" videos. In this series of videos you will learn what the worlds top 1% of operators do to create consistently remarkable experiences for their guests.

So what do the top 1% know about creating remarkable customer experiences? Firstly, they know that what their customers are looking for is an EXPERIENCE. They also know that the experience IS the business - and that it has to be remarkable. But remarkable service does not happen by accident - it happens by design.

The top 1% of operators design every aspect of the customer experience, creating a blueprint for their guests' experience that their staff can execute whether they’ve been with them for days, weeks or years. You can use the Remarkable by Design program to look at your business through a new lens, and then use the tools and strategies provided with this Business of Bars program to help you design a remarkable service system for your own business. Get started with your first Business of Bars lesson below!