Captain Morgan White Mojito

This popular Cuban highball cocktail uses five ingredients (rum, sugar, lime juice, soda water and mint) to create a sweet, citrus, refreshingly herbaceous blend that perfectly complements the rum. The mojito’s fresh ingredients make it a popular summer drink and a great addition to a seasonal menu. The drink originates in Havana, Cuba and according to cocktail folklore, was one of Ernest Hemingway's favourite beverages. 

Captain Morgan White Mojito


  • 1.5oz

    Captain Morgan White Rum

  • 0.5oz

    Sugar syrup

  • 6

    Mint leaves

  • 1oz

    Soda water

  • 1

    Half a lime (squeezed)

  • 1

    Lime wedge garnish

0 units of alcohol per serve


  • 1




  • Method

    Combine half a lime (squeezed), the mint leaves, syrup and Captain Morgan into a glass and combine (with a muddler or spoon).

    Fill the glass with ice.

    Add soda water, mix and garnish with a lime wedge.

    Alcohol Content: 16g per serve