Don Julio Avant-Garde Paloma

A simple twist on a classic Paloma, adding a delicious fizz. 
Don Julio Avant-Garde Paloma


  • 8.5oz

    Don Julio

  • 20oz

    Grapefruit Juice

  • 0.75oz

    Vanilla Liqueur

  • 12

    Dashes of Vanilla Bitters

0 units of alcohol per serve


  • 8

    Champagne flutes

  • 1


  • 1


  • 1

    Carbon Dioxide Cartridge

  • 1




  • Preparation
    1. Add all the liquid ingredients into a Siphon.
    2. Charge the Siphon with Carbon Dioxide to add the fizz.
    3. Dispense into the chilled Champagne futes.
    4. Garnish with Grapefruit zest.
  • Alcohol Content

    Alcohol content:

    12.4g per serve

Interesting facts

The Paloma is the national drink of Mexico. The name "Paloma" means "dove" in Spanish.

History of the drink

The Paloma is a popular cocktail that has been enjoyed by cocktail enthusiasts for many years. While its exact oriGins are unknown, it is believed to have oriGinated in Mexico around the 1950s. The drink is typically made with Tequila, grapefruit soda, and lime juice, and is often garnished with a wedge of lime. While the creator of the Paloma is unknown, some people credit Don Javier Delgado Corona with its creation. Corona is best known for creating another popular Mexican cocktail called the Batanga, which is made with Tequila, lime, and cola. While there is no definitive evidence to support Corona's connection to the Paloma, his reputation as a talented bartender has led many to believe that he may have had a hand in creating the drink. The Paloma's popularity has continued to grow over the years, and it is now widely recognised as one of the most popular Tequila-based cocktails in the world. Its simple yet delicious recipe and refreshing flavor make it a favorite among cocktail enthusiasts and Tequila lovers alike. The cocktail can be enjoyed at any time of day or night and is perfect for both casual and formal occasions.