The Garden Tonic

Take the basic idea of a Gin & Tonic, use a citrus tonic, and add in herbs to create a deeper flavor.

Cocktail in long green stemmed coupe glass


  • 1.5oz

    Tanqueray No. TEN

  • 4oz

    Fever Tree Citrus Tonic

  • 1

    Grapefruit Zest

  • 1

    Lime Zest

  • 2

    Garden Herbs

0 units of alcohol per serve



    1. Take a stemmed wine glass.
    2. Express the grapefruit and lime zest over the glass and drop them into the glass.
    3. Add ice, Tanqueray No. TEN and the Fever Tree Citrus Tonic.
    4. Stir with the garden herbs and leave in the glass.

    Alcohol content: 14g per serve