A group of identical apéritif glasses with glass straws and ice with a slice of cucumber.

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Aperitifs & Digestifs 101

Learn more about the pre-and post-meal aperitifs and digestifs and how they can enhance the customer experience.  

Author: Tim Philips-Johansson, Award-Winning Bartender & Johnnie Walker Global Brand Ambassador 

Estimated Watch Time: 14 Minutes  

Revolutionize your guests' dining experience by offering delicious aperitifs and digestifs. These before and after-meal drinks are often underutilized, but bartenders can adopt them to create unique guest experiences and encourage creativity.

There are multiple benefits to adding aperitifs and digestifs to your menu. They allow you to show your flair and skill as a bartender, increase customer spending, and reduce strain on kitchen teams.  

Learn from renowned bartender and Johnnie Walker Global Brand Ambassador, Tim Philips-Johansson, as he walks you through these two drink categories. Discover the role of these drinks, how to pair them with food to create a well-crafted dining experience, and get inspired by recipes you can try yourself.

Watch Now: Beginners Guide To Aperitifs & Digestifs

Watch as Tim Philips-Johansson demystifies the aperitif and digestif and learn how to use these drinks to your advantage within your venue. Watch as he shares the benefits of serving these drinks and some great ways to easily add them to your menu.

Key Takeaways

  • Aperitifs are pre-dinner drinks served to stimulate the palate for more flavors.
  • Digestifs are served after dinner and provide a nice endpoint to a meal.  
  • Learning how to pair these drinks with food can enhance the overall experience. Pair with complimenting flavors or use ingredients that contract well.  
  • These drinks have the potential to increase customer spend, making your bar more profitable. 

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