Johnnie Walker highball cocktail with lemon garnish and ice


Explore the Different Johnnie Walker Flavors of the World

Authors:  Mark Moriarty & Max Venning, Director at Three Sheets Bars 

Estimated watch time: 45 Minutes 

Watch Mark Moriarty and Max Venning as they discuss the different Johnnie Walker flavors available across the world, showcasing how you can use recipes and ingredients to create flavorful cocktails.

Customers Have Unique Tastes

As a bartender, it’s vital to acknowledge that customers have unique preferences for how they enjoy their Johnnie Walker whisky. Offering different flavors and ingredients is essential to cater to their needs, impress guests with something new, and appeal to regional drinking cultures.

Explore Different Cultures

Johnnie Walker is a favorite whisky for customers across the world, thanks to its consistent taste, quality, and versatility. But different cultures and regions enjoy it differently.

In this Diageo Bar Academy masterclass webinar, chef Mark Moriarty and Max Venning from Three Sheets take you through the different cocktail flavors for Johnnie Walker available across the globe. You’ll also learn how to make great Johnnie Walker highballs and cordials in your venue.

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the different global flavors of whisky 
  • Learn how to make amazing highballs and cordials in your venue 
  • Get insight into exclusive Johnnie Walker highball recipes

Watch the Webinar Now!

Masterclass: Johnnie Walker Flavors of the World

Masterclass Chapters

  • Embark on an Exploration of World Flavors
  • Visiting 4 Regions Using the Whisky Highball
  • What Highballs are & Where They Come From
  • Why are They Great for Your Bar

More Resources

There are different flavors for whisky highballs you can offer in your venue to treat your guests to new experiences. Download this recipe card and experiment with different flavors and ingredients from across the globe.