Getting Found Online

Profitable Menus

Helping guests find your business is priority #1. That way they can enjoy your fine cocktails, crave-worthy appetizers and award-worthy menu. If they can’t find you… not so much. And, considering the fact that 75% of people choose a restaurant based on online search, doing all you can to help them is in everyone’s best interest. *

The Power of Local Search

In recent years, search algorithms purposely provide more localized search results. GPS-enabled smartphones mean potential customers are now more likely to unlock local options. In fact, there are over 63 million Google searches for "restaurants near me" or similar phrases** and an astounding 84% of "near me" searches are food-related. ***

The takeaway: Local search is key to being discovered by new customers.

Five Steps to Getting Found Online

  1. USE KEYWORDS: Make sure that your bar’s website, business listings and social media posts contain the keywords customers might use when searching for what your business offers.
  2. LEVERAGE LOCAL DIRECTORIES: Claim and optimize your business listings on local directories like Google My Business. This is critical to optimizing your online presence for search engines. You’ll want to add in as much detail about your business as possible to encourage people to visit. For example, your name, a brief description, opening hours, phone number, address, as well as photos of your restaurant should be included.
  3. MANAGE YOUR REVIEWS: Thank your guests for leaving reviews, no matter what the content is. Encourage more positive reviews. If there are negative reviews, be sure to respond positively and constructively, as hard as that might be sometimes.
  4. STAY SOCIAL: Social media is your secret weapon for getting discovered. Be active across channels like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Post photos of your drinks, meals and other news and promotions. Engage regularly with your audience.
  5. CREATE A TEXT-BASED MENU: Put a text-based (non-PDF) version of your menu on your website and other apps and websites where menus are hosted to make keywords more findable by search engines.

Following the steps above can unlock amazing opportunities to be discovered, bring in new guests, and set yourself up to thrive in the digital world. Now, get out there and get found!

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