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A Guide to CÎROC Vodka

CÎROC is a modern vodka, filled with flavor and style, and a distinctive taste that is unparalleled. Unlike most vodkas, which are made from grain, CÎROC Vodka is distilled from fine French grapes; a process inspired by more than a century of wine-making expertise and craftsmanship. These succulent grapes, distilled five times over by Master Distiller Jean-Sébastien Robicquet at the historic Distillerie de Chevanceaux in the South of France, give CÎROC Vodka a distinctive flavor with an exceptionally fresh, citrus taste. The CÎROC name is a combination of two French words: “cime”, meaning peak, and “roche” meaning rock. This French-inspired name is a nod to Gaillac, the highest wine-growing region in France, where CÎROC vodka is made.

Flavor Profile

CÎROC has a zesty character that ‘zings’ around the palette, culminating in a smooth and silky finish with a hint of sweetness. A drink to sip and savor, with flavors and cocktail recipes for every occasion; summer or winter, day or night. Flavored options include classics like CÎROC Red Berry, CÎROC Pineapple, and CÎROC Apple, as well as more recent additions such as CÎROC Summer Citrus and CÎROC Passion – each with their own personality, perfectly suited to cocktail creativity and party recipes.

Interesting Facts
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