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Copper Dog

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A Guide to Copper Dog Whisky

Introducing Copper Dog Blended Malt Scotch Whisky... Scotch, but not as you know it. A blend of no fewer than eight single malts, with ripe fruit aromas and a delicate, spicy finish. Simple enough to be approachable but complex enough to thrive with any mixer – and should always be amplified by a soundtrack of music and lively conversation.

A Plan Hatched By Rascals

In 1707, the British crown drove whisky production underground. 

Scotland became a hotbed of spirit smuggling. Renowned for its remote Highland location, Speyside was a smuggler’s paradise with stills and bothies hidden in every nook and cranny. 

In 1823, the House of Lords finally managed to get the industry back under control and whisky became big business. But there were still strands of rebellion: the workers. 

Raised in a century-old tradition of smuggling, the stills-men of Speyside used all kinds of tricks to get their own blends home and away.

The most celebrated was a nifty little device known as the ‘copper dog’, a piece of tubing with a penny soldered to one end and a cork in the other. A man’s best friend because it never left its owner’s side. Distillery workers hid these copper dogs down their trousers and in their belts, pilfering a dram before secretly sharing them around their local pub, comparing notes and hatching plans. 

Today, at the heart of Copper Dog lies the belief that everyone should have the opportunity to come together and enjoy great Scotch.

Flavor Profile

The liquid is a unique blend of no fewer than eight single malt whiskies, slowly married together in old oak casks. It’s an easy drinking Scotch, with ripe fruit aromas, and a delicate, spicy finish. From crisp apple to zesty citrus, dried fruit, and vanilla.

Liquid Awards

Copper Dog scooped Double Gold at the 2020 San Francisco World Spirits Competition - one of the oldest spirit competitions of its kind, running for nearly two decades.

Copper Dog was awarded Gold in the International Spirits Challenge, which receives more than 1,300 entries in total every year from nearly 70 countries worldwide.

This ‘new breed’ of Scotch was awarded 91 points and a Silver medal at the International Wine and Spirit Competition - one of the biggest and most prestigious spirit competitions globally.

“Having never had any interest in whisky, I appear to have fallen under the spell of Speyside blended Copper Dog” (Dylan Jones, Editor-in-Chief, British GQ)

“Good neat, but at its best long or mixed – Old Fashioned, etc. An absolute belter for the price. 8.1 out of 10.” (Dave Broom,

“Phenomenal value! You’d have to be slightly crazy not to buy a couple of bottles immediately. Highly recommend.” (Paul Pacult, Spirits Journal) 

“A true representation of Speyside” (The Stout, 2019) 

Interesting Facts

  • Copper Dog is a new breed of whisky. Its blend of eight single malts creates a smooth, fruit and approachable liquid. 
  • Copper Dog is named after an old device used by distillery workers to smuggle whisky home. 
  • Famous illustrator, Hugo Guinness, designed the Copper Dog emblems (by owning a bottle of Copper Dog, you own a piece of art!).

Copper Dog Serves

The best way to drink Copper Dog? However you want to! But if we were asked…