Lagavulin: History and heritage


Crafted for over 200 years in the rugged Hebridean Isles, Lagavulin is the definitive Islay malt—intensely flavored, smoky, and rich.

Lagavulin Distillery

There have been distilleries at Lagavulin since the 18th century, though it wasn’t until 1816 that farmer John Johnston founded the first legal distillery. A year later a second distillery appeared, this one run by Archibald Campbell.

The two distilleries were united under a Glasgow trader, and in 1887, Peter Mackie arrived at the distillery, under whose guiding hand the distillery, and the name Lagavulin, were to become the last word in Islay malt.

Flavor Profile

Aged in oak casks for at least sixteen years, the result is an intense, peat-smoke aroma with seaweed and some sweetness, salty and sweet flavors with hints of wood, and a long peaty-salt finish.

Interesting Facts

Lagavulin interesting facts


Join Erv in this episode of Scotch Tapes, as he visits Lagavullin Distillery on the Island of Islay, to discover how the malting process plays a crucial role in the production of Lagavullin Whisky.