A Guide to Oban


One of Scotland’s oldest licensed distilleries, Oban whisky owes its rich Highland character to its very long fermentation process.

Oban Distillery

When brothers Hugh and John Stevenson arrived at the frontier of the Hebrides Islands in 1793, they found little more than a natural harbor and a windswept view. Here they opened the Oban Brewing Company, with ‘Cowbell Ale’ being the first production followed by whisky the following year.

The business remained in the Stevenson family for three generations, until local merchant Peter Cumpstie purchased it in 1830. In 1880, the railroad steamed into Oban, inaugurating a new age of improved communication and transport.

Today, Oban is made using only the finest barley, malted to the distillery's own particular specification, with the liquid distilled using tiny lamp glass-shaped copper pot stills that are among the smallest in Scotland. From here Oban is slowly condensed in wooden worm tubs outside among the rooftops, exposed to the salted sea air, which brings a distinct depth of flavor to this renowned whisky.

Flavor Profile

Well-paced, beautifully textured, and sweetly generous, Oban 14 Year Old’s warming richness is neatly balanced by a smoky spicy-dryness.

Interesting Facts

Interesting facts