Bottle of Old Parr on table with cocktails

Old Parr

Old Parr is well-known as a traditional blended Scotch Whisky with its unique bottle design.

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History & Heritage

In 1871, Scottish brothers James and Samuel Greenlees moved to London and established their whisky blender and merchant business at Gresham Buildings. James and Samuel were determined to create a blend that would be acknowledged as one of the finest Scotch whiskies the world had ever seen.

In 1909, Greenlees Brothers introduced Old Parr. They named their blend after the legendary figure of Thomas Parr, said to be England’s longest-lived man, aged 152 when he died in 1635. His long life symbolized the maturity of the whiskies used in the blend, whilst his wisdom represented the skill and knowledge required to produce it.

The distinctive shape of the Old Parr bottle was based on the design of ancient tavern bottles from the time of Thomas Parr and a portrait inspired by the Rubens painting was chosen to adorn the label. The bottle has remained nearly unchanged since its inception, almost 100 years ago.

Today, the Old Parr brand still reflects its founders’ prodigious dedication to quality and craftsmanship.

Interesting Facts

Old Parr is crafted in the heart of Scotland, using some of the most renowned and characterful malts from Cragganmore. Cragganmore distillery’s pot stills are the only ones of their kind in Scotland. Instead of the normal, conical neck of a pot still, Cragganmore’s have a flat top and a relatively short neck. Their shape and size critically affect the characteristics of the malt whisky produced.

Old Parr 18-Year-Old

18 years of care and expertise brought together to create our greatest blend. The unique notes of Cragganmore malts reveal themselves extraordinarily, thanks to the low presence of smoke in the blend of Old Parr 18. The result is a complex, full-flavored and yet smooth whisky of unparalleled quality. We recommend enjoying Old Parr 18 neat or on the rocks to fully appreciate its unique, rich and balanced flavor.

Flavor Profile

  • Color: Full gold.
  • Nose: Clean, light and crisp. A touch of green leaves and flowers, hints of oak and freshly turned earth.
  • Taste: Ripe fruitiness. Peaches and raspberry along with melted toffee and light honey with a hint of dry smoke.
  • Finish: Clean and gentle.


Old Parr’s easy to drink profile makes it equally enjoyable whether you like your whisky neat or on the rocks, mixed with soda or your favorite soft drink. It also goes well in classic whisky cocktails.