Bottle of Pimm’s on table beside two glasses filled with cocktails and a plate of crisps

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A Guide to Pimm’s

Pimm's has been intrinsically linked with the British summertime for years, so it's no surprise the drink is rooted in British history. 

Founded in London in 1840 - the same year King's College Hospital was opened - it was a time for celebrations. It was James Pimm who blended his famous No.1 Cup - a secret recipe of gin, herbs, and liqueur - as an aid for digesting oysters in his London Oyster bar. 

To this day, the recipe behind the iconic Pimm's No. 1 remains a closely guarded secret. The complex fruity notes of bittersweet caramelized orange, fresh citrus, and herbal flavors are perfectly balanced with refreshing lemonade. 

The taste of Pimm's is a mystery to be savored, not solved.  

Flavor Profile

Interesting Facts

  • Pimm’s is as British as London buses and cucumber sandwiches and has a fantastic quirky personality! 
  • Pimm's has the flavors naturally sitting in unison between color, taste (orange, amber spices, earthy botanicals, and wood), and aroma (cucumbers, lemon, and mint).
  • Enjoy a jug of Pimm's with your friends and some of their mates and whoever else happens to turn up.