Sombra Mezcal

Sombra Mezcal

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Sombra Mezcal embodies the Oaxacan Sierra, crafted with Espadín agave harvested at elevations up to 8,000 feet. Our artisanal mezcal reflects the land's rich biodiversity, produced through traditional methods: slow roasting in earthen pits, crushing by a mechanical limestone tahona, natural fermentation with wild yeasts, and double distillation in copper pot stills. Sombra's commitment to sustainability and quality results in a spirit that captures the fire, rock, and earth of its origins.


Sombra Joven

A testament to tradition, Sombra Joven is a crystal-clear mezcal that offers a sophisticated blend of spicy, fruity and citrus notes. It is versatile enough for sipping straight or as a dynamic base in cocktails, adding depth and character to any drink.

Sombra Reposado

A limited-edition blend of wild & rare Tepeztate & Tobalá agave. Only 2,000 bottles of Sombra Ensamble were created. Look for a lush & fruity noise with a hint of smoke, vanilla, orange peel and blackberries.

Sombra Ensamble

A rare blend with only 2000 bottles ever created. It features a vegetal and citrus aroma with hints of honey and pepper. On the palate, notes of cake icing, tobacco, orange peel and salted caramel lead into a luxuriously long finish.