Talisker Campfire Hot Chocolate

For hot serves Talisker is leading the way as there is no better whisky to enjoy outdoors due to its rugged luxury and no better hot serve than the campfire hot chocolate. Try this recipe:

Talisker Campfire Hot Chocolate


  • 50ml

    Talisker 10yr, Skye or Port Ruighe

  • 125ml

    Milk *Dairy or Oat Milk both work well

  • 2

    Tbsp Dark chocolate powder

  • 10ml

    Sugar syrup

  • 1

    Large marshmallow

0 units of alcohol per serve



  • Method
    • Add all ingredients into a milk frothing jug and heat/stretch the milk as you do for a latte.
    • Pour into mug.
    • For the garnish put a toasted large marshmallow on a stick.

    (Alcohol content: 18.1g per serve)