The importance of getting a classic drink recipe right is paramount to maximising sales, generating profit and boosting customer satisfaction. A perfect serve is a key indicator as to whether you are getting the basics right. The quality of serves is the second most important reason for visiting an outlet (first being location), and nine in ten customers would buy a drink again if it was served correctly. Therefore, it is very important to ensure you deliver great looking and tasting drinks consistently every time!


One of the best ways to practise your perfect serve is with popular classic cocktails. Your customers will have high expectations of these cocktails, making it especially important to create consistently perfect serves.

The classics are a staple for any bar, perfecting yours could help set you apart from your competitors, and keep your customers coming back. That’s why we have created this list of cocktail classics to help you identify possible gaps in your venues drinks offering, perfect your serves, and possibly even find a new serve to try in your venue!