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Gain access to endless training resources and get the lowdown on all the latest trends to equip you in your role as a bar professional.

At Diageo Bar Academy, our aim is to give bar professionals a place to tap into a global network of experts and bartenders from around the world. From eLearning to masterclasses, inspirational articles to challenging quizzes.

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From the budding bartender to the seasoned pro, this is the place to test and improve your knowledge with our collection of quizzes.

Whether you want to test how well you know your serving skills and brands, or take a dive into the world of whisky facts and tequila trivia – we have something for everyone.


Our masterclasses give you detailed access to Diageo’s bar industry experts, anytime, anywhere. With a range of topics all covered in detail by some of the most acclaimed global bartenders, you can grow your cocktail skills and expertise when it suits you to.

Whether you’re looking for a tasting session with tequila experts or an in-depth look at how to get the best out of rum in your drinks, our masterclasses can help.

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If you’re breezing through the basic quizzes and are looking for more of a challenge, our advanced quizzes will put you through your paces. Do you know your low wines from your high wines (if you do, you’ll know these aren’t actual wines) or which type of cask tequila is usually aged in?

Why not give your drinks and bartending knowledge a thorough test with these questions.


Training will help you develop your bartending carer. At Diageo Bar Academy we have something for every bar professional, whether you’re just starting out or more experienced.

All our masterclass and training modules are created, crafted, hosted, and delivered by global industry experts and are designed to suit you.

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