Batched cocktails being poured into bottles


A Guide to Batched, on Tap and Canned Cocktails

Speed up service and add to the guest experience with the help of our expert-led Masterclass on batched, on tap and canned cocktails.

Authors: Liam Davy, Hawksmoor Bar Manager & Laura Brady, Groovy Fluids Lab co-founder 

Estimated watch time: 1 hour 9 minutes 

Watch our Masterclass with Liam Davy, Hawksmoor Bar Manager and Laura Brady, Groovy Fluids Lab Co-Founder, as they provide recipe demos, advice on ingredients that suit batched cocktails, and a guide on how to can your creations. You’ll also learn the benefits of serving on-tap cocktails and how it can improve your customer experience.

Key Learning Outcomes

  • What batched, canned, and on-tap cocktails are  
  • The benefits of batched, canned, and on-tap cocktails  
  • How these cocktails can be used to drive sales 

Watch Now

Masterclass: Batched and Canned Cocktails

Masterclass Chapters

  • 04:00 - 14:32 - Why Batch Cocktails and the benefits of batching
  • 18:08 - 46:11 - How to Batch Cocktails Demonstration
  • 53:34 - 1:01:01 - How to Stand Out with and Promote your Batched Offering?

How to Batch a Cocktail Guide

Use this step-by-step guide to help you batch your cocktails without sacrificing their quality. Keep this resource on hand to make sure you know how to batch carbonated drinks, canned cocktails, and more.