Bartender serving cocktail with garnish


Cocktail Workshop: Savour the Flavour

In this workshop, Lynnette Marrero discusses different drinks that can impress your guests and shares how to make amazing cocktails using scotch, gin, and tequila. 

Author: Lynnette Marrero, Award-winning mixologist 

Estimated watch time: 47 minutes 

Impress Your Guests

Crafting genuine signature cocktails allows you to excite your guests and treat them to flavourful tastes. Whether it’s a lowball, martini, or a highball, it’s essential to make every serve perfect to give guests a memorable experience at your venue. 

Expand Your Mixology Skills

To that end, there are lots of cocktail and mixed drink recipes you can explore and experiment. The more you master, the better. 

In this Diageo Bar Academy masterclass webinar, award-winning mixologist Lynnette Marrero explores the art of making cocktails, while covering distinctive styles and demonstrating how to make great cocktails using scotch, gin, and tequila. You’ll also learn how to add your own signature twist to personalise your guest experiences.

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Learn how to craft cocktails using scotch, gin, and tequila 
  • Know how to pair cocktails with different meals 
  • How to personalize your popular serves for a unique twist 

Watch Our Workshop Now!

Masterclass Chapters

  • 05:13 - 15:18 - Don Julio Cocktail Demonstration 1 - Paloma (starter)
  • 15:19 - 25:04 - Tanqueray No. TEN Cocktail Demonstration 2 - Martini (main)
  • 25:05 - 33:57 - Johnnie Walker Cocktail Demonstration 3 - Eternal Flame (dessert)

Cocktail Recipe Resources

You can experiment with different cocktail recipes to improve your skills and add your own unique twist. Download Lynnette's exclusive classic cocktail recipe card and explore exciting recipes to try out in your venue.