Blue cocktail with garnish.

Crafting World Class Cocktails: Trends, Tips & Techniques

In this masterclass webinar, discover the art of crafting competition-winning cocktails with World Class winners, Adrián Michalčík and Kaitlyn Stewart, as they share insider tips on how to create sensational serves using advanced techniques and new flavour trends.

Authors: Adrián Michalčík and Kaitlyn Stewart

Estimated watch time: 64 Minutes


1. The thinking and preparation behind creating World Class cocktails

  • The important of storytelling in mixology and how to stay inspired

2. Trends and insights in the industry at the moment

  • Advanced techniques and flavour trends 
  • Examples of Winning World Class cocktails

3. How to craft World Class cocktails

  • A step-by-step guide to how to create a winning serve