A bottle of Johnnie Walker blue label

Our Brands: Johnnie Walker Blue Label

Johnnie Walker Blue Label is an exceptional whisky with a remarkably rare depth of character, for when the occasion demands a little more.

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Johnnie Walker Blue Label is crafted using skills and techniques reserved only for whiskies of the highest quality. Precise building blocks of flavour are crafted using bespoke vattings of rare whiskies and whiskies matured in Sherry casks. This rigorous process is reserved only for Johnnie Walker Blue Label.

Flavour Profile

Velvety smooth; with layers of fruit, spice and a long lingering smoky finish.

Interesting Facts

  • Only 1 in 10,000 casks in Johnnie Walker's unparalleled reserves of over 10 million maturing Scotch Whiskies has the richness and depth of character required to intricately craft Johnnie Walker Blue Label.
  • This award-winning whisky is handcrafted in small batches, including whiskies from long-closed ghost distilleries and other incredibly rarer whiskies for a unique taste experience.


Johnnie Walker Blue Label is best enjoyed with a drink of iced water to prepare the palate, followed by the whisky. If your guests enjoy lighter, floral notes in a whisky – try serving with quality cut ice and top with soda water or filtered water.