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Our Brands: Pampero™ Selección 1938

With the beating heart of Pampero™. Created by our Rum Master Luis Figueroa, with Pampero’s signature passion, skill, expertise and handpicked from 10 different barrels.

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Pampero™ Selección 1938

Inspired by the craftsmen who went before him, Maestro Ronero Luis Figueroa has scoured Pampero’s ‘mother reserves’ to handpick and blend ten ex-bourbon and sherry cask rums (up to eight years old) to create his vision of what a rum should be.  

Pampero™ Selección is a unique fusion between the versatility of Pampero’s younger rums and the complexity and structure of the brand’s most premium liquids. This combination, together with the imagination and skill of the Maestro Ronero, delivers a rum that is perfectly balanced, with a smooth aroma and an amber colour, borne of its long maturation in oak casks. 

When you pour a glass of Pampero™ Selección, you are pouring over 30 years of rum blending skill and expertise into a glass, giving customers a truly premium choice at an accessible price. Excellent as a well-rounded and soulful neat drink, it also has the flexibility to add character and enhance any cocktail where a distinctive rum is called for.


  • Structured, woody, vanilla, fruity, sherry, dry, sweet, brown sugar, cocoa, complex, tobacco, honey.

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