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Top tips for setting up a successful pop up bar

Temporary bars, or pop-up bars as they are frequently called, are gaining in popularity with both bartenders and bar owners. Whether you set up a pop-up bar at an event or on-site at your venue they can be a great way of creating more sales opportunities and raising awareness of your business. Pop-up bars are also a sure-fire opportunity for you to create different serves and meet new customers. So how do you set-up a pop-up bar? Take a look at our top tips to get you started.

On-Site Pop-Up Bar

Creating an additional, temporary bar in your venue can be useful to promote special events or occasions, work as a seasonal bar or even simply extend the selling points on site. It can be a fully functional bar or focus on a limited collection of seasonal or signature serves.


Top Tips

Mobile Pop-Up Bar

These are perfect for festivals, fairs or markets as they can be easily set up at any location.


Top Tips

Set-Up Checklist

The main challenge faced when putting together any pop-up bar is the setup. A simple process is the key to efficiently maintaining standards and the consistency of service for customers.

A great way to do this is by using a checklist as this ensures your setup is always to the same high standard, allowing you to achieve the best results.