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The next set of videos in the Business of Bars Resource Library are the "Napkinomics" videos. The idea behind Napkinomics is simple, to ensure everyone in your organization is "on the same page" you should be able to articulate your service strategy so that it fits on the back of a Napkin (i.e. keep it simple!). This lesson looks at how the top 1% of operators in our industry understand that having a clear purpose helps to motivate staff around WHY that are asked to do what they do. They also know that a handful of simple service steps and core values are enough to guide their teams towards success. Once again, there are 2 sets of videos available to you; "overview" and "tactical". The overview videos introduce you to the Napkinomics framework while the tactical videos feature a round-table of industry experts who discuss best-practice ideas with regard to implementing this strategy in your own business. Get Started Now with "Putting your Team on the Same Page!"