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ASTRAL Tequila

Get to know the tequila nourished by the sun & stars

Astral is a more radiant tequila, crafted with bursts of citrus and notes of agave to brighten every cocktail and every moment.


Founded on the belief that the more good energy we put into the world, the more good energy goes around, each bottle of Astral™ Tequila produced helps to continue the cycle of giving back. The agave fibers leftover from distillation are upcycled into adobe bricks which will be used for building local community infrastructure across Mexico, starting in Jalisco.

Interesting Facts

  • Using a blend of modern and traditional production methods, Astral™ Tequila is smooth, yet bright with bursts of citrus and notes of agave. The unique recipe includes the use of the tahona, and fermentation with agave fibers, called bagazo. These time-intensive processes are what give Astral its unique agave-forward flavor.
  • Astral is twice-distilled in copper pots and bottled at 80-proof.
  • The name Astral means “of the stars.”

Perfect Serves:

The Stellar Margarita

Astral™ Tequila’s crisp and bright citrus notes make it the perfect choice for a crowd-pleasing margarita.

Serves 4.


  • 6 oz Astral Blanco
  • 2oz Fresh Lime Juice
  • 2oz Agave nectar
  • Top up club soda

Glassware: Pitcher & Rocks Glasses

Directions: Add all ingredients into a pitcher filled with ice, gently stir, and garnish with a lime.

Tasting Notes:

Liquid: Clear, Bright, Colorless

Nose: Clean, Light

Aroma: Crisp citrus with hints of preserved lemon and bright notes of agave.

Palate: Complex yet smooth with notes of crisp citrus, clover honey, and bright white pepper with underlying agave and an abundance of tropical fruit.

Finish: Lingering notes of fresh citrus peel culminating in a silky-smooth finish.

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