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Blue Blazer

Created by Jerry Thomas in 1840s, this cocktail demonstrates how innovative and ahead of his time the ‘Professor’ was. Preparing this simple yet dangerous drink is definitely not for the novice.



Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve 50 ml
Boiling Water 45 ml
Sugar Teaspoon

Two silver-plated (or pewter) mugs

  1. Measure whisky in jigger and pour into one mug, and water into the other
  2. Ignite the whisky and mix the two mugs by rolling back and forth 5-6 times
  3. Dispense the drink into a similar mug (or glass) with a lemon peel and extinguish flame

Rolling is a good technique for delicate drinks as it gently combines without melting as much ice or introducing too much air as against shaking.

1.6 standard drinks* per serve.

*One standard drink contains 10grams of alcohol