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This cocktail began life in the early 1800s as the signature drink of the Sazerac Coffee House in New Orleans. While it was originally made with Cognac, it is commonly made with Bourbon or Rye whiskey today.


Bulleit Bourbon 45 ml
Sugar Teaspoon
Peychaud's Bitters 3 dashes
Absinthe 2-3 dashes


  1. Chill an old-fashioned glass with crushed ice
  2. In another glass, muddle sugar and Peychaud’s bitters
  3. Add whiskey and ice to bitter/sugar mix
  4. Stir well
  5. Discard ice in first glass and rinse with Absinthe.
  6. Drain absinthe away
  7. Strain whiskey mix into glass
  8. Garnish with lemon twist and serve.

As Absinthe may be difficult to get ahold of, it may be substituted by Herbsaint or any other pastis/anis.

1.9 standard drinks* per serve.

*One standard drink contains 10grams of alcohol