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Diageo Bar Academy Fundamentals E-Learning

The opening modules in this course will take you through the fundamental skills and techniques you need to deliver great customer experiences in your bar, from choosing the right glasses to the most efficient order to prepare the drinks. Once you're confident you know the ingredients in an Old-Fashioned or how to use a Boston shaker, you can test your skills in a series of challenges as you deal with some tricky customers. Can you keep them happy and collect lots of tips? 

  • <span class="elearning_success none"></span>Are you the hero of your bar?

    Are you the hero of your bar?

    Find out why you are the most important person in your bar and how this course can help you.

  • <span class="elearning_success none"></span>Techniques and tools

    Techniques and tools

    Get to know the tools of your trade and the techniques that will make you stand out from the crowd.

  • <span class="elearning_success none"></span>Great Service

    Great Service

    The skills that create great bar service - get your customers coming back for more.

  • <span class="elearning_success none"></span>Cosmo Collection

    Cosmo Collection

    'Cosmopolitan coming right up!' - find out if your skills are up to the challenge.

  • <span class="elearning_success none"></span>Martini Magic

    Martini Magic

    Can you put some magic into your customer's evening?

  • <span class="elearning_success none"></span>Vodka Vibe

    Vodka Vibe

    Another customer, another order - hero or zero?

  • <span class="elearning_success none"></span>Caipiroska Celebration

    Caipiroska Celebration

    A final order that puts all your skills to the test...

  • <span class="elearning_success none"></span>Bar Hero

    Bar Hero

    Think you know your drinks? Find out if you really are Bar Hero.