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History & Heritage

Baileys has been a pioneer in the cream liqueur category since it was created in 1974 and proudly leads it to this day.

The Baileys story began in Dublin when a team of experts set out on a mission to craft an unashamedly delicious blend of two of Ireland’s most unapologetically delicious ingredients – rich dairy cream and the finest whisky.

It took them over two years, but finally they had a breakthrough and managed to get these two unlikely partners to come together resulting in the luxurious indulgent liquid we know and love across the world today.

Versatile and delicious, Baileys is perfect to create dessert like cocktails such as a https://www.diageobaracademy.com/en_zz/recipes/detail/baileys_affogato/">Baileys Affogato or a https://www.diageobaracademy.com/en_zz/recipes/detail/baileys_flat_white_martini/">Baileys Flat White Martini.

Production Process

Flavour Profile

With a chocolate aroma and silky smooth mouth feel Baileys has rich and indulgent flavours of dairy cream, cocoa and vanilla.

It is these indulgent flavours, aromas and velvety texture that make Baileys the perfect liqueur to get creative with. From coffee style Baileys serves to creamy Baileys cocktails, this liqueur is perfect for creating after dinner cocktails and wowing your guests! Also it is the ideal liqueur to share with your venue’s kitchen as it can be used to make delicious desserts and treats.

Interesting Facts About Baileys

Baileys Perfect Serve

Baileys creamy, cocoa and vanilla flavours work perfectly in this indulgent hot chocolate serve and can be a great cocktail to offer your customers as an alternative to dessert .

Baileys Hot Chocolate

Other Serves

https://www.diageobaracademy.com/en_zz/recipes/detail/baileys_flat_white_martini/">Baileys Flat White Martini

https://www.diageobaracademy.com/en_zz/recipes/detail/baileys_affogato/">Baileys Affogato

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