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History & Heritage

Black & White was created by James Buchanan, a genuine and gregarious character, and one of history’s great Whisky barons. Originally called The Buchanan Blend and sold in a black and white bottle, "That black and white whisky" became "Black & White" in 1902. Buchanan wanted to offer a superior blend that would appeal to the wider public. The result? A very accessible blended Scotch Whisky that is now enjoyed as far as India, South Africa and across Latin America & the Caribbean.

Discover more about Black and White in this short video.

Flavour profile

Black and White is smooth, light, fresh and spicy with smoky hints. It is pale gold in colour with sweet aromas of oak, biscuits with notes of sharp grain alcohol, and a touch of peat. A short finish with notes of vanilla, honey and oak.

Interesting Facts

Perfect Serve

Black & White with Soda

Mix 40 ml of Black & White with soda in a large glass until your glass is ¾ full. Add the preferred amount of ice and serve.

Black & White can also be enjoyed neat or on the rocks.

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