History & Heritage

Black & White was created by James Buchanan, a genuine and gregarious character, and one of history’s great Whisky barons. Originally called The Buchanan Blend and sold in a black and white bottle, "That black and white whisky" became "Black & White" in 1902. Buchanan wanted to offer a superior blend that would appeal to the wider public. The result? A very accessible blended Scotch Whisky that is now enjoyed as far as India, South Africa and across Latin America & the Caribbean.

Flavour profile

Black & White is smooth, light, fresh and spicy with smoky hints.It is pale gold in colour with sweet aromas of oak, biscuits with notes of sharp grain alcohol, and a touch of peat. A short finish with notes of vanilla, honey and oak.

Interesting Facts

Perfect Serve

Black & White and Soda

Mix 40 ml of Black & White with soda in a large glass until your glass is ¾ full. Add the preferred amount of ice and serve.

Black & White can also be enjoyed neat or on the rocks.

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